How much tolerance is Intolerable

How much tolerance is Intolerable

A scientist keeps a frog in a pot with a cold water and sets a fire below the pot. Frog’s skin has an inherent capability to adjust the temperature with the surrounding so as to survive in wide range of temperatures. As the water became lukewarm, frog actually started enjoying it, then it became warm and he felt that this is the best place to be in as it is making it comfortable and had a sense of security also.

Now the things started changing, water started becoming hot, but as the frog believed that this place is secure and comfortable, it reassured itself that its temporary and adjusted his skin to the new temperature. As the temperature started rising further, making adjustments then became a part of habit till his limits of survival. But alas, finally, the water started boiling and poor Frog had lost all of its energy in adjusting its skin temperature and now it couldn’t even move and died.

Frog did have an opportunity. It was an open pot. Before it became Intolerable, it could have jumped out of the pot. But Frog went into COMFORT ZONE and continued making adjustments. For each adjustment, it spent precious life energy and finally it died as it wasn’t left with sufficient energy to jump out of boiling water.

Friends, our life is just like this pot and remember nobody is going to PROMPT you to jump out of the pot or tell you which is the RIGHT time. You will continue to make adjustments with life and it then becomes a habit, a dangerous habit of tolerating the things life throws at you.

Why am I associating this topic in Finance? Let me elaborate. Whether you desire to get EARLY FINANCIAL FREEDOM or not, at 58/60, you will anyway be done with your monthly paychecks. Till then, you must do something different than what you have been doing so far with your finances, so that your investments should take care of you in the later phase of your life. You just can’t rely on your children to take care of you. In today’s fast life, they have their own life to live. They’ll be even more busy than what we are today.

You may keep procrastinating as finance is a boring topic to many or giving false justifications that everything is all right, but think of the day when your paycheck stops, how would you cope up with that for further 20-30 years. In most probability, your so called PF, gratuity, assets will last up to 5-10 years.

Another thing is that are you currently in the right place? Give it a serious thought. Are you living a dream life now? After talking to so many of my friends, the answer is probably negative. This is because you also have gone into warm COMFORT ZONE that will soon become hot & boiling.

So, you need to make 2 changes in your life as soon as possible. Get in touch with Arthswatantrya to understand how to manage your finances to get rid of / minimize the dependency on salary for your monthly family expenses and other financial commitments.

Look out for turning ‘what you like’ into your money earning engine. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds and it will also take some time to actually realize the same, but if you don’t even start now on these steps, the path ahead will only become steeper and steeper.

Start your journey by downloading the financial freedom templates from ‘What is AS-44?’ page. As many of you know that after earning my financial freedom at an age of 44, I’m now trying to help my near and dears, friends to set them free as well. For that purpose, I also conduct 3 hours session on financial freedom which is an easy to understand format for complex financial jargon, which currently is totally free and based on my availability. So, gather minimum 5 of your friends, decide a place and call me at a time convenient to all.

Wishing you a healthy and wealthy life ahead!


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Darshana Shah Posted on11:42 am - Jun 15, 2019

Good message. Well explained.