One year of freedom!! Glimpses of life in Financial freedom

One year of freedom!! Glimpses of life in Financial freedom

When I resigned from my reputed job in LTI, I was quite sure about my plan. However, as a responsible project manager, one always needs to track planned vs actual and make up for the differences, if any.

I’m happy to share with you that 28 Feb 2018 was my last working day in LTI and today I’m completing  & celebrating 1 year of successful financial freedom!!

So, what’s the score card? This was my last year

My lifestyle – elevated to next level. Unlike many expect that after retirement, you’ll need to cut down on your lifestyle expense, I’m actually celebrating more than earlier because of availability of time.

Learning & Growth – Your experience seldom counts if not backed by qualified certification. In first few months, I went on spree to get myself certified in financial acumen to endorse on my wide experience in various personal financial instruments. It is the field I would be pursuing for me and my friends. So, this is what I’ve achieved so far

NISM (National Institute of Securities Market) is a SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) Enterprise – an arm that conducts examinations on various Stock Market related products and services.

IRDAI ( Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) also has an examination body III (Insurance Institute of India) that conducts IC38 exam for in depth knowledge of Insurance.

Last year I passed following exams

Exam Name Date %age Exam Body Governing Body
– Investment Advisor – Level 1 – XA 7 March 18 84.75% NISM SEBI
– Investment Advisor – Level 2 (Highest) – XB 22 March 18 77% NISM SEBI
– Life Advisor – IC38 June 18  72% III IRDA
– MF Distributor – VA November 18 81% NISM SEBI

Coming back to family life, it’s really enriching as I’m able to reach out to my relatives and friends like never before. My travelling has increased and so has the joy and happiness!!

Financial Status

This one is for many of my well-wishers, who are still unable to believe in my decision.

As I said my lifestyle cost is actually elevated because of the travel that I’m doing and celebrations that I’m participating with different groups of friends. I do my financial health check-up every 3 months and I found that I’m still at least 5% in excess in my kitty to be spent from the monthly expense basket!!

Remember friends, this is in spite of the stock market crash in September 18 and the low level phase of uncertainty that may last for another 6 more months at least. For getting the conviction that I have, one must study how the stock market works and why investing in mutual funds turns out to be the safer investment over longer periods of time.

Tours & Travel: As per the financial goals mapped in my planning, we availed 15 days Tour in Dubai in April 18 and 7 days leisure water sports tour in Kokan in December 18.

Besides, Now I get more time for my hobbies that is city farming, composting, Healthy & Natural living, visiting and helping the less privileged, electronics and so on. I’m also helping my friends to achieve their financial freedom and I’m happy to let you know that one of my friend will be achieving that in May 19

I can just go on writing on this but one experience is that because of the freedom I got, We were the only parents among friends of my daughter who were dropping and picking her up during her 10th board exam in her crucial times.

Friends, the purpose of this note is not to make you jealous but to create a dream in your mind that YOU TOO CAN DO IT and I’m there to support you!

Thanks and have a nice day!!



Krishna pradeep Posted on11:53 am - Feb 28, 2019

Well written and all the best.

    Kiran Bhave Posted on10:45 pm - Feb 28, 2019

    Thanks krishna, hope to see you start the journey soon

Marlene Posted on11:09 pm - Feb 28, 2019

Nice Kiran ….keep up the enthu … 👍

    as-44 Posted on1:26 pm - Mar 1, 2019

    Thanks Marlene, I wish each of my friend earns this freedom in his life. 😀😃

Darshana Shah Posted on6:33 am - Mar 1, 2019

Congratulations Kiran on your achievements. Proud of you.

    as-44 Posted on1:25 pm - Mar 1, 2019

    Thanks darshana, I wish each of my friend earns this freedom in his life. 😀😃

Dr. Nisha Bedekar Posted on8:52 am - Mar 1, 2019

Great bro!!
You are a great inspiration and motivation to all of us. Hope you continue to make a big difference in the life of your near n dear ones.

My Best Wishes to you.

as-44 Posted on1:23 pm - Mar 1, 2019

Thanks 😀😃

Priti Posted on4:23 pm - Mar 2, 2019

Many Congratulations Kiran..

Manish Agrawal Posted on11:07 pm - Mar 2, 2019

Kiran..great achievement..
Keep up the spirit nd keep inspiring us…

    Kiran Bhave Posted on11:11 pm - Mar 2, 2019

    Thanks Manish! I would be happier if my friends starts knowing and executing the steps of journey towards financial freedom! click’What is as-44′ on top

Hemant Madhukar Deshmukh Posted on2:40 pm - Mar 3, 2019


You have to a large extent understood the factors that incentivise one strategy over the other.

You have guaranteed your intentions by actioning them. Your work, as observed by me at close quarter’s, is stellar. You are completely invested in your role.

Last but not the least you are capable of striking an emotional chord right from the word go because of your relatable content.

I am sure you will succeed in future by multiplying logical complexities.


Hemant Deshmukh

    as-44 Posted on2:32 pm - Mar 4, 2019

    Thank you hemant for your kind words and support.😃

Neha Khandekar Posted on10:44 pm - Mar 7, 2019

Truly inspiring Kiran. All the very Best.

Kalpesh Vanmali Posted on10:56 pm - Mar 7, 2019

Congratulations Kiran and so proud of you.Blog is inspiring and very well articulated.You have really set an example of ‘Financial Freedom’ with your decisions and actions.I wish you many more successfull yours and bright future!!

Anand Dikshit Posted on11:24 pm - Mar 7, 2019

Kiran – Over last 25+ years I have always seen u taking a path that’s yet unexplored. Once u reached the destination it became a preferred route for others who always had similar objectives, but were not able pen it down
Once again over last year u successfully completed a challenging project that’s now a successful case study for others…
Truly inspiring!! Hats off !!

Umesh S Posted on11:35 pm - Mar 7, 2019

Kiran, Congrats for great achievement…All the best …very well written and inspiring …excellent .
Yes …if we have patience and discipline , stock market is best business

Sudeep Aphale Posted on10:01 pm - Mar 8, 2019

Compliments Kiran.