My message to my friends

My message to my friends

[15-December-2017, 10:21 AM] Kiran Bhave:


I’ve a news to break with you.😊

For some of you, this would come as a shock or amazement or disbelief

But, In line with my early financial freedom plan (many call it early retirement which is not correct) that I had been working on last 10 years, I dropped my papers on 1st December. My last working day will be 28th Feb 18.

For many, this is a bold and courageous step considering a single income family, no inherited property and a huge comfort zone, but I’m taking that step after a stint of 22 years in Larsen and toubro, and it did require serious planning and flawless execution for 10 years.

Just for your information, the planning is done in such a way that even if I do not work till my age of 70 years, my inflation adjusted daily family expenses will be taken care.

Sounds too good to be true? Hard to believe? Unlike other marketing material, this IS true😊

Those who know me personally, I’m a risk averse person and do not take any action unless I myself is thoroughly convinced of the same😊

Since you are one of my close friends, I’m sharing this with you.

And no, this is not a WhatsApp joke🤣😊

[28-February-2018, 10:25 PM] Kiran Bhave:

Target accomplished 🎯