Do we know when to stop sowing seeds and start eating the fruits? (Part 2 – The Money Tree)

Do we know when to stop sowing seeds and start eating the fruits? (Part 2 – The Money Tree)

Are you still skeptical to even imagine there are possibilities available to you and the fact that YOU have an in-built capability to get a freedom from the stressful routine?

Well then, I recommend you to stop here and continue doing what you are doing happily.

People reading further must possess following traits: Openness of mind, curiosity instead of doubt, relentless commitment to themselves and their family.

Sorry for that harsh warning. But please understand, my writing is not for having 1000 likes or shares, I’d rather want ZERO likes/shares but create 10 readers who would get motivated and start taking actions for themselves and their loved ones.

Coming back to the metaphor that I started with, when we have our monthly paycheck coming in our bank, everyone has some savings left which is invested somewhere. These savings are the seeds I am talking about, rest of the money is spent buying the fruits someone else has grown for our current family needs.

Now think of the possibility that the seeds (savings) we sown (invested) to grow into plants and trees (Investments) to provide us fruits (Dividend/Interest) in our later days, such that we don’t have to buy them, as we are doing it today?

Did you think that fruits that we would get in future, would still have seeds for further growth (Unless we grow seedless fruits, that is ;)).

Now this is too rosy, right? All along we have been hearing from our parents “Paise kya ped pe ugte hai” “Does money grow on trees?”.

My dear friends, today I want to answer that question as “Yes” and there are hundreds of Money Trees!! Their behavior is also analogous to real trees and they also have fruits with different shapes and sizes!!

But my question is are you ready for Money farming? It has similar risks that a farmer has.

Can a farmer say if I plant 10 seeds, it will grow 10 trees?

Some will not even incubate, some will be plucked by birds/animals while at sapling level.
Some will acquire some diseases, and only possibly one will see the bright sunlight and enjoy life and start bearing the fruits

When people ask me, Kiran, how do we know which one of that seed made to the tall fruit bearing tree? My answer to them is “Well, did the farmer know that answer?” Absolutely not, but what he did instead is he had sown 10 seeds and given equal love and affection, equal efforts and attention to all of them.
Did the best possible use of what he had in his hand, rest followed naturally and automatically.

Robert Kiyosaki, the well-known author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” says, you’ll find many ordinary people who haven’t lost any money in the investment, but you’ll not find a single rich person who have never lost any money, ever!! Now, that doesn’t mean that if you’ve lost money, you are rich :), are you?

I compare job as a golden cage. With a promotion, you get a bigger and spacious golden cage. The owner will take very good care of you, you’ll have everything to feed on, with more space, you’ll think you have got a freedom. You also have a safety and security of the cage itself.

Well, jobs are not bad, if you are enjoying your work and life within the cage and happy to remain within the cage with the sense of security given, this discussion is not for you. Because, ultimately, being happy is what matters the most in life.

It is only the burning desire set within you to fly high makes us think of boundaryless freedom.
What pulls us back is our own disbelief on whether you’ll be able to survive the outside world which is totally unknown. That’s the reason we crave so much for our school and college days. Those were the real golden days with boundaryless freedom.

Even if destiny sets you free, when someone is laid off from a job, rather than discovering opportunities in outside world, he/she desperately starts looking for getting inside any cage that is out in the market. At times, even a smaller cage, for a fact that they are not open to ideas and being outside cage frightens them to death.

Do you think someone can offer you the same employment benefits, security, etc. and you don’t even have to work for him? Sounds crazy? But yes, there is a person who is holding that opportunity for you. Its none other than YOU YOURSELF.

Well this sets up a new question in front of us? How much money do YOU need when you say, I’ve enough and don’t need anymore?

Let’s ponder over this till we meet next time!

(To be continued…)


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Pramod Patvardhan Posted on6:35 pm - Sep 29, 2019

How much is enough which is one of the most difficult questions compelling us to. Continue to chase paychecks