Do we know when to stop sowing seeds and start eating the fruits? (Part 1 – Where are we heading?)

Do we know when to stop sowing seeds and start eating the fruits? (Part 1 – Where are we heading?)

Most people think that they have no other option but to slog every day from dawn to dusk and beyond, till either their formal retirement or untimely death due to heart attack, stroke, liver/kidney failure or cancer. With so many examples happening around, It’s sad, but true.

Knowing that they are headed for this, they fail to make necessary changes to their lifestyle routine and finances that will get them out of this exhausting and stressful lifestyle.

Forget about time for their family, they aren’t even able to take time out for themselves.

In younger ages, the body sustains all the injustice made to it and forgives all the abuses . It tolerates it for as long as 10 years before it starts complaining; initially with subtle warning like headache, acidity, body ache. Later it changes into knee pain, gained weight, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, eventually into conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorders, arthritis, chronic back pain, heart diseases and other serious health conditions.

With more money in hand due to increase in salaries, people with such conditions feel like cars, air conditioning, hoteling are the ways – that they can now afford – to pamper their ailing body. But what they don’t know is that they are actually adding fuel to the fire by all these acts of so called Comfort / Luxury!

Adults do not stop here, they not only are already a part of the battle of life, but also make their children get into this rat race at a tender age to make them ‘READY’ for the world.

Putting them in IIT and other competitive exam coaching classes from standard 8 is a norm nowadays that I feel is simply inhuman to the poor child. It not only interferes with the natural growing process of the child, but also lays additional stress on the underdeveloped brain. These years kids must spend their time in playing their heart out and studying the subjects of the class they are in.

Everyone out there is just running and because everyone around is running, others are compelled to run for the fear of falling behind.

It is imperative to take a step back and review their life for the survival.

If you are with me till this point, I appreciate you as you would like to know further. But, I also see many irritated faces with a lot of questions saying that they know all this but they alone can’t reverse it all. They have to work all their life because they have a lot of responsibilities to handle and already their income is not sufficient.

Does this story sound familiar?

I can easily relate as I have lived this life before. I wasn’t different. In this life, one is so blindfolded and focused on what they are doing, they simply forget that they are part of nature and not a machine.

I’ve interacted with many of my friends after I earned my Financial freedom. I understood that whether anyone openly admits or not, Losing jobs and not getting another one has been a constant fear. Surprisingly, this is irrespective of their income, designation and role in the organization.

This thing drives them back into the stressful rat race wearing a fake smile on the face and just hoping “aal is well”, which unfortunately is not.

It is just like a case of story of अभिमन्यू in महाभारत, who learnt the skill while in Mother’s womb, of only how to break into “चक्रव्यूह” (arrangement of enemies in battlefield) , but did not know how to come out of it.

Precisely no one teaches this piece in any formal education system and hence before it’s too late, no one knows when to stop sowing the seeds and when to start eating the fruits!

– Kiran Bhave

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To be continued…



Prem Kumar Posted on10:29 pm - Jun 27, 2019

I like first part.
Awaiting part – 2

Anjali Panchal Posted on10:32 pm - Jun 27, 2019

Very nice article

Shripad Halbe Posted on1:24 am - Jun 28, 2019

Yes you said it Kiran. When the things are understood and someone tries to mend his ways, it is too late. I feel it is because it is in our DNA. Hope the future generation will change.

Dr. Nisha Bedekar Posted on9:36 am - Jun 28, 2019

अगदी बरोबर !! लोकांना इतकी सवय झलीये आयुष्यभर कुठल्या ना कुठल्या बेड्या पायात असायची कि त्या नसणं ही abnormality वाटते.

Manisha Pisal Posted on6:51 pm - Jun 28, 2019

Its informative Kiran. Keep on educating us.

Amit Rege Posted on8:29 pm - Jun 28, 2019

Apt message for everyone in today’s world/ life style.

Prashant Karandikar Posted on10:49 pm - Jul 3, 2019

I agree and have seen it all 100%. every bit of it … RAT RACE – so true… how many can just “STOP” and hear-n-see what’s going around for just 5 mins ? enjoy every millisecond. observe. Naah – No time for that !!

Well on your other point about next generation, Fortunately No I have not PRESSURISED my Kids to do what WE want but made them become their own better decision makers and DO WHAY THEY WANT…

Prashant Karandikar Posted on10:51 pm - Jul 3, 2019

Keep it going Kiran !!

Pramod Patvardhan Posted on6:28 pm - Sep 29, 2019

Absolutely fundamental questions raised here Kiran about the Chakrawyuha which we all get into unknowingly as the Sheep mentality
Good to know options