AS stands for Arth Swatantrya that means Financial Freedom in Marathi. Since Kiran earned it at the age of 44, it makes – Easy to spell and remember, isn’t it?

After earning this prestigious life milestone that only very few individuals have earned in the true sense, he didn’t stop there. He wrote down and analyzed what worked, what didn’t. What mistakes he made that can be avoided. Which risks are worth taking, which are not and so on.

From his engineering and process background, he then formulated a clear roadmap that is generalized for people to use.

Below is the step-wise action plan for you to earn your financial freedom.

StageActivityPerformed byOutcomeFee
Level 1InfoSheetClient 


Info, Financial Goals




Download ArthSwatantrya Level 1 Template

Level 2Assets & LiabilitiesClient 


•Net worth




(Available only when Level 1 is completed and returned to Kiran)

Level 3Personal Interview with both husband and wifeअर्थस्वातंत्र्य and Client 


•Inputs for Action plan

•Aspirations of the family

•Risk Profile

•Customized Action plan

0.1% of net worth


(Minimum ₹2500)

ReviewReview of execution of planअर्थस्वातंत्र्य and ClientReview and course correction action plan, as needed₹2500 per meeting